Our new paper about exciton-libron coupling got featured in Nature Communications :-)

Our new paper, "Evidence of exciton-libron coupling in chirally adsorbed single molecules", got featured in Nature Communications :-)


Interplay between motion of nuclei and excitations has an important role in molecular photophysics of natural and artificial structures. Here we provide a detailed analysis of coupling between quantized librational modes (librons) and charged excited states (trions) on single phthalocyanine dyes adsorbed on a surface. By means of tip-induced electroluminescence performed with a scanning probe microscope, we identify libronic signatures in spectra of chirally adsorbed phthalocyanines and find that these signatures are absent from spectra of symmetrically adsorbed species. We create a model of the libronic coupling based on the Franck-Condon principle to simulate the spectral features. Experimentally measured librational spectra match very well the theoretically calculated librational eigenenergies and peak intensities (Franck-Condon factors). Moreover, the comparison reveals an unexpected depopulation channel for the zero libron of the excited state that can be effectively controlled by tuning the size of the nanocavity. Our results showcase the possibility of characterizing the dynamics of molecules by their low-energy molecular modes using µeV-resolved tip-enhanced spectroscopy.